How to Choose Good Warehouse Management Software for Your Business in GCC?


Having an awesome warehouse system installed for your business is one of the most challenging activities. Nevertheless, there are few intelligent qualities which you can look for in an inventory system before handpicking it for your business.

Functionality Is Priority

The first and the foremost thing you need to understand is what all a WMS system can do it for you? While you are analyzing it, don’t forget to ask yourself questions like: Will it help in streamlining the business? If the company you own finds difficulty gauging the employees’ productivity, a stock management will certainly be of great help or not?

Precisely, it should be able to handle more things that you can image and reducing the work for you.

Simplified Usage

The easier it is to use a WMS, the less time will be required in training the employee. A systematically designed inventory management system allow users to spend less amount of time in setting up and further monitoring the day-to-day operations. Simplified usage and navigation of the software is a proof that all the employees of the company will be able to work on it seamlessly and utilizing the functionality at its best.

Things to see when picking one:

  • One with easy to follow menu
  • One that improves usability
  • One that allows data entry & development of reports & charts
  • One with an interface that facilitates accessibility from single location

Transaction Management Facility

Starting from receiving to manifesting, incredible inventory management software should allow management of almost everything. It must provide detailed information about the company employees, products, orders and transactions throughout the process. If not all, the basic software should capably help track:

  • Orders Picked
  • Keeping the goods away
  • Shipment details
  • Inventory audits
  • Product movements


A scalable stock management solution helps in meeting the company’s future requirement drastically. Adaptability of the warehouse management software can be gauged by finding out if it works with ERPs. The reason being, an enterprise might end up changing the existing ERP system in case of expansion. Another great factor that decides the flexibility of the WMS is its open architecture which means it can work with varying operating systems and applications. It could be great inventory software to pick up if it is compatible with:

  • Label Printers
  • Scales
  • RF Scanners/ Terminals
  • Mounted Terminals

Indeed, no matter what the size of the business is, another great reason that supports the need for a good Warehouse Management system is its demonstrable success with all sizes of companies. And if you are looking for an upgrade or willing to get one for your enterprise, get in touch with Ehrhardt + Partner Group that offers additional services like RFID solutions, material flow converter, transportation management, video documentation, logistics training and 24/7 support in countries like KSA (Saudi Arabia), Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, & Oman, besides UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or other Emirates).

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