Wool irish ivy cap

Hats and caps, and the flat-type flat hunting caps appeared in use in the sixteenth century when they have become popular hunting animals (mainly in birds foxes and villages). They were worn by men hunting initially lower status, and later also by high-born men as a popular headgear for both hunting and outdoor sports. Today, flat caps and the type of hunting hat is becoming more and more popular among modern men. This type of headgear are suitable for men of all ages, men fit for both young and old. Hats and flat caps the flat-type hunting caps made of various materials therefore suited as a versatile and stylish addition to the clothing on many occasions. Cotton cap is made of light materials such as cotton, linen, canvas, etc. and they are designed to be worn in warmer seasons (spring-summer). Cotton cap blend well with light clothes, cotton provides comfort and breathability. At the same time, cotton cap is an elegant and stylish complement to the man’s attire. Vintage motorcycles fans will certainly appreciate the classic aviator hat, they are made of warm genuine leather, which protects the head against wind and rain. Most often come in two colors, black and brown, so that you can easily match them to the leather jackets and with gloves will be an interesting set.

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