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Hello everyone on our blog, we have Vainglory mobile hack for you. Each of us wants to develop as quickly as possible in the game. However, now we can make it easier, thanks to Vainglory mobile hack. Just download the app and enjoy the game. Our application works with various mobile devices, it’s safe, because game engine can not recognize this app, and does not require root access on the device. Unlike other teams, we provide our application for free.


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Vainglory is focused on multiplayer network game action MOBA type the atmosphere of fantasy and produced by a team of Super Evil Megacorp. The game boils down to clashes between two teams of players, each trying to reach the opponent’s base and destroy the crystal located there. Vainglory is an online battle game belonging to the category known as MOBA, which popularized hits such as League of Legends and Dota 2. Production has been developed, among others, designed for mobile devices with Android and the free use of the model with micropayments. The title is a design studio debut of Super Evil Megacorp, founded by veterans of bands such as Supercell, Riot, Rockstar and Gazillion Entertainment. The action takes place in a standard and magical fantasy land, where there are several other intelligent races alongside people. The story, however, does not play the game any significant role and is only a background for online gaming. The basic gameplay mechanisms do not differ from the standards of the MOBA genre. Fun turns around so triple battles between two teams, each trying to destroy the crystal in the base and prevent the enemy to do the same thing in the command center. Winning is not easy, because the access to the base is defended by numerous automated defensive systems and you must destroy them first. The authors prepared a nice variety of characters and each of them has, of course, a unique set of skills and development of their own tree. The map was designed so that the database were on the opposite sides. Between them runs the path we are traveling the attacking side. It pays, however, also down from the proposed route, as it is located on the roadside forest hiding numerous treasures for easy referencing victory. An important role is also played the same base where we can regenerate hit points and take advantage of the host shop currency earned during the game.

Vainglory designed from the ground up for mobile devices, including working on Android. As a result, the game offers a refined control system tailored to the specific touch screens. In addition, the whole balance was balanced so that matches lasted about 20 minutes. It plays an important role in this huge monster that appears after 15 minutes in the center of the map and will help the victory of the team that beat him. The title by Super Evil Megacorp, founded by former developers of bands such as Riot and Rockstar is probably the best compromise between the expanded gameplay known from stationary MOBA productions, and the simplified gameplay forced by touch screens and the culture of playing on mobile devices. Rules of play are of course the same as in other titles of this type. Opposite each other are two teams, whose aim is to destroy the enemy base. The problem is that the road to the goal defended by special turrets, inflicting powerful damage, and by the members themselves opposing team. Fortunately, from time to time appear on the board mobki, the soldiers steered by SI.

On the one hand they help us in the fight, and on the other by killing enemy units get gold. It is spent on buying upgrades, combined with gaining experience points, affecting the ability possessed, makes in the course of clashes we become stronger. MOBA genre fans certainly know what it is, because it is a similar system to that of the well-known even LoL. Mobile devices, however, are governed by its own laws, and therefore in the clashes involved only six people, divided into triple stores. The map is small and the main road to the destination is only one. The duels themselves last about 20 minutes (sometimes a bit shorter, sometimes a bit longer). Fortunately, simplification does not affect the reception of the game dramatically, and the jungle located next to the main track, provides additional attractions, including mines and mighty Kraken, which appears at the end of the meeting. Overcoming it is not easy, but once we succeed, the creature joins the team and can turn the tide in our favor. Vainglory has almost everything you need MOBA genre was the release of a mobile. It’s true that a little more characters would be useful, additional maps or 5 vs. 5, but without it, the game is just a great position for lovers of multiplayer struggles.

The game follows the typical paths MOBA genre, but the mechanisms are fun appropriately simplified and accelerated gameplay to better fit to the specific mobile devices. The whole network is focused on battles fought between two triple teams players, each controlling a single hero. Currently, there are fifteen heroes with unique skills and items to choose from. Teams start a match at the opposite ends of the map, and the task of each group is to destroy the precious crystal belonging to the enemy faction. The game is designed to last up to twenty minutes. This is helped by the character of the titan who appears after 15 minutes in the middle of the map and the team that captures him can use the beast against his rivals. The great advantage of Vainglory is the level of performance. The game works on a proprietary engine called E.V.I.L. Engine. He can generate maps of 1.3 million polygons and display the action in 60 frames per second. The price for this is of course quite high hardware requirements. It is worth adding that the authors are very active and the application receives updates with patches, additional options and above all new heroes.

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