Discover The Different Types of Tents, Camping Tents to Home Tents!


If you are going camping for the first time, there are a few camping essentials that you need to add to your backpack. If you do forget something you can always borrow from your companions. However, the most important camping essential is the tent, because it is very difficult to sleep on the ground.

When camping, a tent will also protect you from the different weather conditions outside. All you need to do is to set it up properly and start your adventures. Make sure that the nails are properly hammered into the ground so that the tent will hold still even when there is too much breeze. When you’re shopping for tents you will see that there are different types of tents choose from depending on the purpose and size of the tent.

Arabic tents in UAE are another type of tents that are popular across the Middle East. People with big houses prefer having a big open tent outside their house in their garden. Arabic tents are more of a tradition to the societies in the Middle East as it’s symbolized with generosity and goodwill. Black, white, red, and yellowish gold are the basic colors for the Arabic tent. However, modern Arabic tents can differ in color and style.

Tents are a very important pillar in Ramadan in the Arab world. When the sun sets, Dubai comes to life as families and friends head to Dubai’s most elaborately decorated Ramadan tents to break their fasts with the iftar meal (sunset) or suhoor meal (early morning). Most hotels and restaurants in the UAE start preparing for Ramadan tents few months before the holy month to make sure that everything is in place on Day 1 of Ramadan. Tent suppliers in UAE are well informed about the specifications of the Ramadan tents and what might be appealing to the visitors.

Moreover, tent manufacturers in UAE have a history of assurance, efficiency and single minded determination to serve their clients with supreme loyalty and this is what makes tent suppliers in UAE one of the most reliable structures’ manufacturing company in the U.A.E.

Tents companies in UAE are equipped with design, engineering, fabrication and installation departments that have professional experience in the field of Tensile Membrane Structures for tents. Design departments use the latest software’s Tensile Structure, following International codes. The fabrication team includes experienced welders & fabricators. To know more about tent companies in UAE, please feel free to visit Etisalat Yellow Pages website.

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